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"Toni has an ease and simplicity when guiding her students through a yoga class. Her voice is calming and helps to enhance the experience. She understands that we all have different needs and challenges and thoughtfully guides each of us through the practice."

Carol Ridlon, Yoga Student

"I want to say a few words about Toni Ruscio. I have been practicing yoga for about 45 years, but with Toni for a few years. She is an amazing yoga teacher!! Her classes are very unique. Every time I take a restorative yoga class from her I sleep like a baby! It is so calming and so nurturing I recommend it highly to anyone that suffers from stress or has trouble sleeping. The nights that I practice with her in restorative are the best nights of sleep that I have all week. She can challenge you and nurture you all at the same time. Her classes are varied, which is a great thing because you never really know what’s going to happen! Even though I enjoy the exercise part of her classes, I also enjoy the spiritual guidance and positive affirmations. She is a true gem in the yoga world and I feel so fortunate to have been able to continue practicing yoga during the Covid-19 pandemic via Zoom with her. It has been a constant in a year of such chaos. I feel truly blessed."

Marcie Cabucio, Yoga Student

"My wife and I started attending Toni Ruscio's yoga classes live in a studio before the pandemic, and continue to attend via Zoom classes for the past year. Toni is a true treasure, she puts so much effort into planning and conducting her various yoga classes. She offers modifications throughout every class, making sure it is available to all, regardless of their skills. We both highly recommend Toni as a very skilled yoga instructor as well as a tremendous communicator, and she continues to amaze us with the effort she so clearly puts into each and every class. We both fully support her and highly endorse her skills!"

Marty & Patrice Thuohy


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